Perry Redd for DC City Council, At-Large in 2013

The DC Statehood Green Party was simply looking for a different and fresh candidate-more reflective of the party's constituency-who could mount a serious challenge to the mainstream Democrats, who hold one-perty rule over our city. Perry Redd was a bold and realistic choice...

The DC Statehood Green Party's values are Perry Redd's values. The Republicrats (that is, the "Democrats") are not the answer -- unless you want more of the same: poorly performing schools, poor public safety, corrupt government, high unemployment, childhood poverty, inadequate city services, and politicians for sale.

As an alternative, the second largest party in the city-the DC Statehood Green Party-is not a corporate party. DC Statehood Green Party candidates are not for sale. They do not accept corporate donations. Our platform clearly shows where we stand on issues that matter to everyday people.

The DC Statehood Green Party is the party with the candidates you can trust to be transparent, accountable and accessible.

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Perry's Platform:

  • Statehood for DC
  • Justice in Taxation
  • Employable & Working DC residents.
  • De-Corporatizing Our Public Assets
  • Responsibility to Our Children
  • Equality for Returned Citizens
  • Support of UDC & CCDC

special election 2013

April 23, 2013 is the date for a special election to fill an At-Large seat vacated by D.C. Council Chair Phil Mendelson.

Under a new law signed by President Obama, the election would have to be held between 70 and 174 days after a vacancy was declared, which happened on November 29, 2012. Within that time frame, the election could have been scheduled for anytime between February 12 and May 21.

Want to Join the Party?

If you like our vision, you can join us on-line. There you can also find articles, issues and news that can be useful for building statehood and change in DC.